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Proper FO Pics- Ruffles and Sproutlette

I’ve just returned home today from a wonderful vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains. How wonderful? Hubby is already planning our next visit. No joke. He’s right next to me on the couch on his phone scrolling through cabins trying to decide which one we want to rent next time.

Anywho… While we were on holiday, I snapped pictures of my girls wearing their knitted frocks. I had grand dreams of taking photos in the GORGEOUS gardens of the Biltmore Estate. But Hannah didn’t take a nap before our visit, and we ended up having to do the dreaded walk of shame back to the parking lot as she screamed and carried on in the stroller. Being 2 1/2 must be tough. She passed out in the car as we drove away from the estate. We stayed on the grounds and parked over by the farm/petting zoo/ wine shop/ ice creamery and let the gals snooze. After an acceptable amount of nappage time had elapsed, we woke them up and made the best of the rest of the day at Biltmore. So instead of beautiful gardens, the backdrop for these shots is the petting zoo. Ah, well. You roll with the punches when little kids are involved. On to the pictures!

Up first, Ruffles:







And now Sproutlette:









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Hang in There

An FO should be headed your way soon.  I’m hoping it won’t be huge on Hannah (it’s a 4T shirt and she’s in 24mo/2T).  If I’m lucky, it’ll fit her like a dress or tunic this Fall.

Look!  I’m weaving in the ends!


In the meantime, here’s a picture of the intended recipient looking hip and slightly dangerous, as usual, of course.  You don’t mess with Hannah Ruth.


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WiP- Ruffle Top

Dear Readers,

I am in love with this puffy sleeve I’ve just finished:


In love.  It’s so adorably girly.  Oh, Hannah, I can’t wait to dress you up in this!

Ravelry page found here.


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Ruffle Top

I’ve been a little silent here on the blog.  The thought of trying to take proper photographs, then upload, edit, and post them (with an almost 10 month old and a 2 year old hanging on me) just wasn’t doing it for me.  Instead, I focused on knitting at night while watching Rick Steves travel across Europe thanks to the Hulu app on our TV.  Hubby and I look forward to our nightly “date” with Rick.  It’s the little things.  Side note: I now want to visit the Alps, Alsace, Paris, and a host of other places.

I’ve been plugging along on a Ruffle shirt for Hannah.  She’s two and the pattern jumps from a 24 month to a 4T, so I’m making the 4T and she’ll be able to wear it the next two years both as a dress and tunic (hopefully).


I got slightly side tracked with the knitted birds, but I’m back working on Ruffle exclusively again.  Today during Ella’s nap, I put on Curious George for Hannah and successfully finished the main body.  All that’s left to knit are the sleeves, ruffles, and collar. 


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