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And now for something completely different… Fabric

I mostly work with yarn. It gives me small, portable projects that I can quickly tuck away when Mommy duty calls.  Plus, if you make a mistake all you need to do is unravel. Working with fabric is a whole other story. Once it’s cut, it’s cut and unpicking seams isn’t always pretty.

I’ve had this pattern pinned on Pinterest for years and never got around to making it for either of my daughters. The free pattern only comes in a size 0/3 months, so the window of opportunity is rather small.

Enter pregnancy number three. Another girl, another chance at sewing the sweet little peasant dress. I printed the pattern and dug out some fabric I’ve had stashed for at least 5 or 6 years.  It was a failed attempt at a wrap skirt for myself and I honestly didn’t care for the bright green on me, anyway. Why in the world did I buy it??? I knew I would never use this quilting cotton for anything else, and figured it would be a good way to test out my mediocre sewing skills before spending money on more desirable fabric.

Guys. The dress. It’s beyond what I had hoped to achieve. And it turns out that I LOVE the print when used for a baby dress.

Infant Peasant Dress (Pattern by SewMuchAdo)

I was pretty set on only using stashed crafting supplies for this since I didn’t know what kind of an outcome I was going to get. That meant that the elastic on the arms is 3/8″ instead of 1/4″, but there’s not that much of a difference between the two, so I didn’t have any issues. The rick rack I used on the hem is probably as old (or older) than me. I was given a bag of the stuff from my Mommom when she cleaned out her sewing cabinet years ago. It pays to hoard crafting supplies. This dress ended up costing me a big, fat $0.

Infant Peasant Dress Bodice Sleeve


Now that I know I can (very) successfully sew this pattern, I’m going to be buying the full version.  It has 10 sizes (0/3mo- 6yrs), an optional scalloped hem, and the option to make it a shirt, tunic, or dress.


Infant Peasant Dress Rick Rack Hem


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Flower Crazy

Dear Readers,
I’m still knitting. I even have a drafted post about a bunch of projects that have been recently finished. I haven’t gotten the pictures from the camera to the computer to Flickr to this blog. That would require a decent chunk of time… and most of my free time comes in delicious little bites, not an over the top feast.

Anyways… I do have time to upload this picture from my phone and write about it.

(This one obviously needs some finishing to hide those raw edges in the middle.)

Thanks to Claire from the blog Mollie and Claire, I discovered kanzashi flowers and the nifty little template/jig thing manufactured by Clover* that makes them super easy to sew up. I loooove these things. I’ve been playing around with them during naptime the past two days. It’s practically instant gratification and now I want more styles and sizes. 😃

* I got mine on Amazon for about $5.

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