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Tea Cozy Tuesday- FO

Let’s just pretend it’s still January, shall we?  I finished this on the first of February so I guess that’s not SO bad.  Right?  Ignore the fact that it took me until the middle of February to post about it.  :)










You can find the details on my Ravelry page HERE.


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Tea Cozy Tuesday- No FO

Sigh.  I have absolutely no progress to report on my Tea Cozy KAL.  I was on vacation last week and didn’t bring it with me.  This week, I’m attempting to recuperate from said vacation (2 kids under the age of 2 plus a car ride from New Jersey to Virginia and back again).

I haven’t knit a single stitch since arriving home on Sunday.  Maybe today will be the day.  Or tomorrow.  Or the day after that… :)

Until I become crafty again, here are some hastily shot pics. To preface them ,  this area of Virginia got 2 inches (yes, inches, not feet) of snow.  Two days later, we attempted to visit some plantations…


Look at all that snow! Haha.



So we learned that Virginia pretty much shuts down when they have a bit of snow.  In fact, their schools were closed from Tuesday to Friday!  Meanwhile, back in coastal New Jersey, we had 14 inches and as soon as the roads were plowed, everyone went about their business.  Lol


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Tea Cozy Tuesday- Progress Report


My third week of Stitches n Scraps KAL!  I finished the three pieces, connected them with the final rows of ribbing, and seamed the bottom.  The middle gaps are where the handle and spout will stick out.

It’s looking adorable, but I haven’t found the perfect buttons, yet.  I’ll be scrounging around in my button jars for just the right ones. 

Next week you’ll see a (hopefully) finished and blocked cozy.  :)

Stitches 'n' Scraps - Tea Cozy Tuesday


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