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Ronan – The Model

Swiping this post from Meghan at Moby Knit because her little boy looks adorable in the hat and she took amazing photos of him! I’m so happy it’ll fit him all winter long. Stay warm, Ronan!

Before Ronan was born, Sara knit him an adorable hat.  I snapped some shots of him wearing it today.  It fits with a little room to grow, so it’ll be perfect for this fall/winter! The pattern is I Heart Cables for those of you who might be interested in making one yourself. Sara used Malabrigo […]

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Tea Cozy Tuesday CAL/KAL – “Rules”

Anyone else up for an easy going C/KAL? Join me in Stitches ‘n’ Scraps’ “Tea Cozy Tuesday C/KAL.” I think even I can handle knitting a cozy in a month! :)


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Aviatrix Hat




Look at my cutie!  She decided to be a little Ham the day after Christmas and I took full advantage of it.  :)  These photos were taken with my brand spankin’ new camera.  I am beyond excited (and shocked) to have gotten a “fancy” camera for Christmas! I’ve spent the last 3 or 4 years wishing for one and my sweet Hubby made it happen!  Now to figure out how to use it to it’s full potential…

Back to the hat.





The pattern is Aviatrix and was SO much fun to knit!  It’s free, has a decent size range (NB -5 years), you can choose between 3 yarn weights, it’s knit flat, and is gratifyingly quick to make.  I crocheted a big, obnoxious flower for it.  C’mon, I’m only going to be able to dress her up for so long… ;)  My little Ella Bean has a matching hat (with a slightly smaller obnoxious flower), but I don’t have any decent pics of her wearing it, yet.





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I keep my promises — it’s giveaway time!

not your average crochet

what the winner will receive

A beautiful yarn bowl handmade by my lovely and very talented friend Lauren:

yarn bowlA full skein of KnitPicks Billow (100% Pima cotton) in the shade Ice Lily:

billow bulky pima cotton in ice lilyA full skein of KnitPicks Brava Worsted (100% acrylic) in the shade Mint:

brava worsted acrylic in mintAnd finally a thread/yarn cutter keychain (I have one and have put it on a necklace chain):

thread cutter keychainI have tried both kinds of yarn previously and enjoy working with them very much, particularly with a yarn bowl made by my friend!

giveaway info

The giveaway is open from right now until November 25, 2013, when I will randomly draw the winner.  It is open to anyone, regardless of where in the world you are located.

giveaway rules

To enter in this giveaway, you must do ALL of the following:

  1. Follow this blog (can be via WordPress, e-mail, or Bloglovin’)
  2. Share this post by reblogging it…

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Aw, shucks.  Thanks, everybody!

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My Birthday & WiP Wednesday

I turned 28 on Monday, but I’m still waiting to feel like a “grown up”.  I thought getting married, buying a house, and having a baby would do the trick, but it didn’t.  Maybe Baby # 2 will. : )  My parents (in their early 50s) act like a couple of kids still, so there’s probably not much hope for me.  I’ll just continue along, cringing when I have to call an adult by their first name. : )

Hubby gave me a vintage daisy sugar bowl and creamer set for my birthday.  He’s always a sweet and thoughtful gift giver. This time, he combined some of my favorite things. . . daisies and tea.


Now, onto the WiP!

I actually knitted Hannah her big sister hat, but because I didn’t have the proper needle size, it turned out way too small.  It won’t fit Ella at the right time of year, either, so I will sadly unravel it when I work up the nerve. 

We got an invite to a special baptism/shower for the newest member of the McGowan clan.  Hubby’s cousin and his wife endured years of fertility treatments that ultimately ended when she was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  In May, they adopted their baby boy, T, so now it’s time for a belated baby shower.  They’re having a sunshine theme, so I knew I wanted to whip up a stuffed sun toy to go with his gift.  Crochet is a lot faster than knitting, so I settled on this pattern (but without the creepy, dangle-y legs) to ensure that it’s done in plenty of time.


I’m using Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton. I already had the eye searing “Hot Orange”, so I only needed to pick up the “Sunshine” yellow.


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A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me


As I mentioned in my last post, I received some sock yarn from Meghan as an early birthday present.  There are two hanks of the pretty lilac color and 3 of a more manly navy (in case I want to knit Hubby a pair of socks,too).


She also gave me 3 skeins of a very pink worsted acrylic/wool blend from her stash because she’s an admitted “yarn snob” and can’t bear to use a yarn with so much acrylic. Haha. While I prefer natural fibers, I’m more of a “take what I can get” type of knitter. : ) I can’t decide what I want to use it for, yet, but I’m thinking it would make a cozy shawl to wear while tv knitting since Hubby loves to turn the A/C on high in the summer and I’m always cold in the winter.

On Friday evening, Hubby surprised me with a dinner out at the Franklinville Inn as an early birthday present. Fancy! Hannah stayed with my parents and it was really strange (and quiet) to go out without her. I ordered some Salmon Italiano and it was super yummy.

Since my parents probably won’t see me again before my birthday, I got my gift from them over the weekend, too. 


How convenient that Bogart wanted to be in this picture. He's probably plotting how to destroy this bobbin winder, as well.

Look!  A bobbin winder!  I haven’t been able to play around with my sewing machine in over a year because Hubby’s cat*, Bogart, knocked the machine off the table and broke the bobbin winder.  Thank goodness they make a separate portable version. My Mom knew it would be the perfect present for me.  I can’t wait to try it out and maybe start dabbling with fabric crafts again!

I don’t think there’s any way my birthday could be better than the Very Merry Unbirthday Weekend I just had!

*He is actually our cat, but I’m not his biggest fan and like to refer to him as belonging to Hubby (who is continually sticking up for him and reminding me about what a great critter and bug hunter Bogart is).


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