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Popping in to Say Hi

I fear I’ve been neglecting my blog. I’m feeling a bit stingy about my free time, so rather than sit and write posts and upload pictures, I’m happily knitting and sewing away to my favorite tv shows (Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge, and Project Runway) during that lovely quietness known as afternoon naptime. Well, I do jump up to hush my oldest (nearly 3) because half the time she doesn’t sleep and seems bent on waking her little sister up. But anyway…

Currently, I’m knitting myself a cardigan and sewing a baby clothes memory quilt for a customer.

Here’s the quilt in progress:


Here’s Wyeth:



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Lone-star pt2

I’m finally getting around to posting a progress picture of my Lone-star quilt.  These 13 stars have been finished for 2-3 weeks and I haven’t worked on it since. 

I'm loving the blue tones and all the stripes!

Last month, I found out that since Hubby got his promotion at work, he’ll need to go down to Baltimore for four weeks (FOUR!) for more training (On top of the 6 months of training he’ll be doing at his office).  I’m not looking forward to a month by myself… especially since we’ve moved even further away from my family.  I’ve decided to hold off working on the Lone-star until then so I’ll have something to keep me occupied.  I also have my sights set on tearing down the kitchen wallpaper.  Time will tell.

I’m thinking I need at least 7 more stars, but I’d love for the quilt to be even  larger than that.  Our spare bedroom will have a full-size bed and it would be nice if the quilt could hang down almost to the floor.  I’m pretty sure I can get another star out of each buttondown, so that should give me a nicely sized coverlet.

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Lone-Star Quilt

So I haven’t finished my Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt, yet.  But I’m starting another one anyway. =D  We have two spare bedrooms and two full size beds that should be making their way up from South Jersey in 2-3 months.  That means I’m allowed to make another bedspread.  Do you like my logic? 

I’ve settled on the Lone-Star patchwork from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts.  I think it’s the perfect way to use Hubby’s old button-downs

Pattern and color story

It’s taken me three days to prep the fabric (salvaging the buttons, cutting the seams, ironing), but I’m finally ready to start cutting the diamonds.

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