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A ridiculous name for an awesome tasting cookie!

I’m in full party planning mode for Ella Gail’s first birthday.  It’s not until October, but today I baked and froze these delicious little guys:





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Ham & Cheese Quiche


What do you do when your two year old decides she’s ready to start the day at 3am?  You make a Ham & Cheese Quiche, obviously.  You also steam and blend up some squash for your 6 month old, but that’s not nearly as exciting.


As usual, I changed an existing recipe
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Saturday Sweets

Will this be a weekly post?  Probably not, but that could actually be a good idea once the gals get older and I have more time.


Baked Vanilla Donut Holes

I wanted to bake (NOT fry) donuts.  I don’t own a donut pan.  Enter my handy dandy mini muffin pan.  Voila!  Donut “Holes.” 

Here’s a link to the incredibly easy recipe.

Mods:  I used butter instead of shortening.
For the glaze:
*1 cup 10x sugar (confectioners)
*2-3 Tbl hot water
*1/2 tsp vanilla extract


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The Chicken

What Hubby brought home from the local Asian market.


Gah! It has feet!


Ta Da!


The Spread


The Carved Chicken

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