Wifey to a wonderful, hard working Hubby since 2007.

Busy Mama to Hannah (April 2012) and Ella (October 2013) with another Little One due October ’15.

We live in a seaside Central Jersey town in a cute 1920s bungalow that we’re s l o w l y trying to fix up. It’ll get there… eventually. : )

I’ve been stitching, knitting, and crocheting all my life thanks to my talented knitting Mommom and my crafty mother.

While I’m very busy trying (HA!) to keep up with cleaning our messy house and tackling the piles and piles of laundry, I still squeeze in a bit of crafting. I don’t know if I would stay sane without some sort of creative outlet!

Follow me on Instagram @stitchedbysara to keep up with my crafty endeavors and oh so glamorous stay-at-home-mama life. 😉