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Shawl Pattern Sale/Fundraiser

I’ve shared some of my crocheted and knitted projects I’ve made for my friend, Lynette, who is fundraising to adopt a second special needs child from China. Adoptions (especially international ones) are insanely expensive. 

Her sister, Larissa, is a talented knitting pattern designer and is offering her brand new shawl pattern, Ultra-Eyelet, at a discount ($2.99!) and all proceeds from the sales will go towards the adoption fund.  It looks like a fabulous pattern to use up all your leftover bits of fingering weight yarn. The promotion ends on August 19th.  

Please consider purchasing the pattern to help one more orphan find a forever home!  Thanks for reading!


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Hannah Calls Her Suzie

Hello, Dear Readers. 

I think it’s been awhile since I posted. I’ve made lots of things since then, knitted, crocheted, AND sewn (Yes!  I’m falling back in love with my sewing machine!). But nothing’s been properly photographed and it’s now to the point where the task feels very overwhelming. I may attempt a quick crafty roundup post in the near future, but don’t hold your breath. I’m a notorious procrastinator, full of big talk and very little action. :)

However, I DID recently crochet a doll and took proper photos of it because I wanted to add it to my little Facebook shop to drum up some custom orders. The doll turned out adorable and I got 4 orders from it!  Sadly, one customer backed out after I had already started her doll, but my other 3 orders are still there and I’m sure I’ll end up finishing and selling the one that got cancelled. 


Hannah loves the doll and carts her around everywhere. She’s named her “Suzie.”


For a first attempt, I think it came out looking pretty cute. The hair was a bit of trial and error and I spent an entire weekend ripping out and redoing it several times. I think I have a better idea of what I’m doing now.  Wig caps are a must.   
You’ll probably be seeing a post with more finished dolls soon. I’ve been steadily working on them for the past 2 weeks and they’re turning out even better than my first one!  Oh, the cuteness. I want to keep them all!


Yarn: Craft store, worsted weight acrylic 

Pattern: Girl in a Dress, slightly modified

My Ravelry Project Page  


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