I Kinda Miss Knitting

 I’ve been crocheting recently. A lot.  It’s faster than knitting which makes it a much better option when I’m looking to sell or donate things.  I save knitting for personal projects and gifts and, unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to do much of it. 

I’m trying to “sneak” a little knitting into my week now that things have calmed down a bit. Hopefully I can share a baby knit WiP soon, but right now it’s just a boring strip of stockinette. 

I have made SIX amigurumi bunnies/teddies (only 5 are pictured) in the past month. SIX!  I practically have the pattern memorized and I’ve probably shaved off a third of the crocheting time. They are darling at 4.5-6.5 inches tall. Three were sold as Easter gifts and 3 were donated to adoption fundraising auctions. See those awesome fabric flowers in the top two photos?  They were made using kanzashi flower templates from Clover. I’m starting to get better at them. Practice. Practice. 

Right before I left for vacation, I received a custom order request for a Mickey Mouse photo prop set. I had a 12 hour car ride ahead of me, so I agreed to make it and ran out to buy the supplies the day before we headed to Tennessee.  I’m quite proud of how the booties turned out, in particular. I used a basic pattern for the sole and foot and then played around to get the cuff to bubble out and curve inward to look like the tops of Mickey’s shoes. 

Those adorable cotton egg bunnies were quickly whipped up for my daughters’ Easter baskets. They’re weighted with marbles in their bottoms to keep them upright.  One of them was brought outside to play the other day and promptly dropped in a puddle.  It’s looking “well loved” already. 


Spring Bunnies/Teddies

Mickey Mouse Props

Egg Bunnies
And now I’m off to try and nurse my awful head cold/sore throat whilst attempting to potty train my 3 year old. Day 5. It’s not going well. 



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6 responses to “I Kinda Miss Knitting

  1. Beautiful crochet – I love the bunnies :)

    Sounds like a challenging week… Good luck with the potty training, I hope you have a breakthrough soon!

    • Thanks! They are really fun to make and I’m always so grateful when designers offer a fantastic pattern for free.

      Today, I’ve resorted to sitting my daughter on the potty with our Kindle tablet. She’ll sit there for a good, long while with books and games to keep her occupied. She HAS to go in the potty at some point.

  2. Aww they’re all so adorable! :)

  3. They’re so cute, you’re very talented. I took a break from knitting to crochet myself a jacket, but at that scale I find it takes muuuuch longer than knitting, maybe because stockinette allows me to watch TV and I don’t realize the time… :P

    • :) That could be the case. A stuffed toy is definitely different than a jacket.Good luck with your crocheted garment! You’ll have to make a blog post about it once it’s finished so we can all see pictures of it.

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