Jayne Hats

My brother is a geek. He’s quite proud of that fact. So when I mentioned the idea of knitting his infant son a Jayne hat, he was pretty excited. A little while later, his wife leaned over to me and quietly said that a matching one for Jay (my brother) would make it even better. Fast forward 4 months, and you find me gift wrapping a few knitted hats in preparation for sending them down to my little bro and his family in Virginia for Christmas.

I completely winged the pattern to get the sizes I wanted. After browsing Ravelry, none of the Jayne patterns really “did” it for me so I went ahead and worked up beanies in the sizes I wanted. I made some crude notes on the project page, if you want to work one up. Really, if you can knit a basic beanie, my ramblings will make sense.

On to the pictures!


My little nephew, Z, may be 3 months younger than Ella, but he’s huge. I made sure to knit up a toddler sized beanie instead of a 12 month so that it fits him longer than a week. Hannah, my 2.5 year old, fits in it perfectly.




I opted to knit the ear flaps separately and stitch them on. It was easier for me to position them exactly where I wanted them with this method.


My favorite part is the tri-color pom pom. It’s awesome.




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10 responses to “Jayne Hats

  1. Your knitting is neat and beautiful. I reckon those hats will be favourites for a looooooooong time. :-)

  2. Gorgeous! Love the pom pom!

  3. Yes, great pom pom! I’ve yet to make a half-decent pom pom :-/ It’ll be cute for them to have matching hats! :) ♥ <3

    • I bought a set of 4 pom pom makers at my local Hobby Lobby. I think it was around $10. They make it a breeze to wrap, cut, and tie a perfect pom pom! It’s definitely worth buying if you’re a knitter or crocheter.

  4. I need a family picture in these hats!!!!

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