FO- Ruffled Tunic

This has been done for quite awhile.  I loved it so much that I stuck it on my two year old immediately.  Then I sent her off to nursery at church…when I came down at the end of the service she was covered in sugar from a powdered donut and there was a rather large pull in the tunic.  A 3 inch dangley bit of yarn was just hanging there, taunting me.  You need a strong stomach when knitting for toddlers.

I put the tunic in “time out” for over a week, as if it was the poor tunic’s fault.  Then I carefully wove the pull back in.  A week or so later, I decided it was time to wash and reblock it.  The pull is practically invisible (I can barely find it-and I know where to look). 

So here it finally is.  I’ll get proper, more detailed pictures up soon (it’s still damp). 


So happy I decided to add buttons!


Raveled HERE



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8 responses to “FO- Ruffled Tunic

  1. So lovely. Definitely one to keep and treasure after she has grown out of it.
    When I first read this I thought you had sent her to a day nursery in this wonderful knit! I realise now, it was just for during the church service!.

  2. Adorbz!!! knitted things for little ones are always jaw-droppingly cute. Those buttons+ruffles=bliss. I would wear this in my size!

  3. V

    Looks wonderful :)

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