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FO- Ruffled Tunic

This has been done for quite awhile.  I loved it so much that I stuck it on my two year old immediately.  Then I sent her off to nursery at church…when I came down at the end of the service she was covered in sugar from a powdered donut and there was a rather large pull in the tunic.  A 3 inch dangley bit of yarn was just hanging there, taunting me.  You need a strong stomach when knitting for toddlers.

I put the tunic in “time out” for over a week, as if it was the poor tunic’s fault.  Then I carefully wove the pull back in.  A week or so later, I decided it was time to wash and reblock it.  The pull is practically invisible (I can barely find it-and I know where to look). 

So here it finally is.  I’ll get proper, more detailed pictures up soon (it’s still damp). 


So happy I decided to add buttons!


Raveled HERE



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FO- Cabled Baby Hat

My friend is having a little baby boy.  I knew she wouldn’t have time to knit everything she wanted so I told her to pick a pattern and yarn and I would knit her a baby hat.  She chose the I Heart Cables hat, but left the yarn and color up to me as long as it was 100% merino wool.  I used the absolutely fabulous Malabrigo Rios yarn for the first time.  I’m in love.  Soft, squishy, lovely to knit with and the tonal color is beauitful (a navy blue called “Paris Night”).  

If you’re new to cables, this is a great hat to try out.  It was almost mindless it was so easy!  The decreases blend right into the cable pattern, which is another thing to love about this hat.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be knitting up another one of these bad boys.  It was also a good excuse to break out my new pom pom maker.  Yay!


Raveled HERE 

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