FO- Elephant Lovey

I was going to wait until I had everything finished and took some nice shots with my camera… but I’m terribly impatient to show her off! 


Oh my gosh.  Can I keep her?  Shipping her off to Japan with the matching Kyoto cardigan will be a sad day, indeed.  Oh, um, yeah….that cardigan still isn’t finished.  I am soooo close, though.


The original pattern has a crocheted blanket, but it didn’t seem all that cuddly and I kind of didn’t like it made entirely of yarn.  It was just too much yarn. I hope my fellow knitters and crocheters can forgive me for typing that last sentence. 

So instead of yarn, I cut out 12″ squares of fabric (1 cotton print, 1 solid fleece) and used some 1.5″ chevron ribbon to bind them together.  I’m rather proud of myself for combining the floral print and chevron stripes.  It’s outside of my very vanilla comfort zone. 

For the pattern and other such details, visit my Ravelry project page.



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11 responses to “FO- Elephant Lovey

  1. I want to cuddle with that. :P

  2. It’s soooooo cute!!!!! eeeeeee!!!!!

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