Sneak Peek- A Bit of Sewing

When I was a girl (which doesn’t seem all that long ago even though I’ll be 29 in a month…), I sewed all the time.  My great grandmother’s green sewing machine and it’s cabinet took up residence in my bedroom and I made doll clothes and patchwork quilts to my heart’s content. 

Fast forward to the present day

and you’ll most likely find me knitting, with the odd crocheted project thrown in.  I find it more relaxing, more portable, it takes up less space, and it’s way easier to do with very little children underfoot.

Anyway… to the point…

I felt one of my current yarny projects could be spectacular if I used some fabric in its construction.  So I am.  It’s nice to work with something other than yarn for a change.  And I really love hand sewing (some of you are probably stopping to see if you read that last line correctly).

So here’s the little peek I promised you before you were subjected to a bit of rambling:




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6 responses to “Sneak Peek- A Bit of Sewing

  1. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Ha! At 29 you are practically still a girl! At least at 42 I like to think I was a girl til very very recently! 😄

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