Greetings from the Jersey Shore

Hello, Dear Readers!  I have not, in fact, dropped off the face of the Earth. 

I went to Disney World for a week. I’ve been meaning to post pictures.  I took a bunch, as you can imagine.

My 8 month old came home from vacation in a very clingy, fussy, miserable sort of phase. Unless Mommy was holding her, of course.  :)

That same 8 month old suddenly decided

it was time to start crawling.
She’s no longer miserable, but is now getting into EVERYTHING.  She’s also pulling herself up…and falling down and smacking her head in the process.  I have about two dozen heart attacks a day while attempting to save her from almost certain head trauma and I’m constantly running to retrieve her from halfway under the sofa or tv stand.

Hubby brought a cold home as his Disney souvenir and I’ve just caught it.  Luckily, it’s not a bad one, but just enough to feel “meh.”

I briefly thought about starting the potty training process with my 2 year old. Neither she nor I are ready for that so that plan has been put on the shelf for now.

I had the brilliant idea to paint a hideous dresser with homemade chalk paint.  I’ll let you know the verdict when I finish it.

On the crafting front, I sewed on a button, made a sewn button loop, and added ribbon ties to that never-ending baby sweater:



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