Photo Friday- Buttercup, a Bug, a Bird, and a Baby

Today, I attempted to get pictures of Hannah wearing her Buttercup Dress.  Boy is it hard to shoot a toddler! She never, ever stops moving. Ever.  


It wasn’t long before that pretty hairbow disappeared somewhere

in the yard. Pity.











A very welcome visitor on our new rose bush.



I’m still trying to get a shot of him and the Mrs together, but at least Mr. Cardinal came by.



Ella rockin’ the Hello Kitty sunglasses.



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8 responses to “Photo Friday- Buttercup, a Bug, a Bird, and a Baby

  1. roma1912

    What beautiful photos such lovely girls <3

    • Thank you so much! I have fun taking pictures and have so, so many of my gals. I’m going to miss having little ones, but at least I can look back at all the pictures and reminisce.

  2. Such a cute little girl!

  3. What a gorgeous dress, I wish I have more kiddies in my life so I could make cute knits like that, and that bird is AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Thank you! I love making things for my little gals.

      I heard the cardinal singing in my backyard and chased him from tree to tree before he finally stood still way up at the top of a pine tree. :)

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