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Ham & Cheese Quiche


What do you do when your two year old decides she’s ready to start the day at 3am?  You make a Ham & Cheese Quiche, obviously.  You also steam and blend up some squash for your 6 month old, but that’s not nearly as exciting.


As usual, I changed an existing recipe
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A Quickie- Buttercup 2.0 Photos

Just stopping by to share a couple of photos I snapped of Ella Gail wearing her Buttercup tunic.  This was knit using the leftovers from her big sis’s Buttercup dress.


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Photo Friday- Buttercup, a Bug, a Bird, and a Baby

Today, I attempted to get pictures of Hannah wearing her Buttercup Dress.  Boy is it hard to shoot a toddler! She never, ever stops moving. Ever.  

Image It wasn’t long before that pretty hairbow disappeared somewhere
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Photo Friday- It’s Spring!!!

Spring has F I N A L L Y arrived here at the Jersey Shore!  With Ella strapped to my back in the mei tei carrier, Hannah and I have been exploring the backyard (with my trusty camera
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Baa Baa Baa

That’s what Hannah used to call sheep.  Now that she’s a very wise two year old, she’s moved on to calling them “seep”, but still enjoys shouting “baa baa baa!” when she sees them in her storybooks.



This pattern is awesome.  The single crochet/ extended single crochet
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Fall Foliage- Finished

I did it! I went out and took pictures while one napped in the house and the other played on a blanket on the lawn and tried to eat leaves.

I took these using the self-timer and a lawn chair instead of a tripod. The results… could be worse!

You can find all the details on my Ravelry page.

I would have liked to do 2 or 3 more repeats to make the shawl a tad wider, but overall,
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April 12, 2014 · 9:15 am

Photo Friday- I’m Still Alive

While I haven’t been posting very much lately, I am still here.  Perhaps you’ve noticed me skulking about, “liking” your posts before creeping off into the night again…

I have a couple of finished knitted things and even a crocheted toy to show you
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