Fall Foliage Shawl- Almost There

I hadn’t knit in 4 days and was feeling rather sad about it, so when both girls napped AT THE SAME TIME this afternoon…  :)

I decided to stop Spring Cleaning my kitchen.  I plopped down on the sofa with my knitting and put the first episode of Great Expectations (BBC 2011) on Netflix.  I love, love, love Dickens’ writing and so far, I’m loving this adaptation.

Onto the knitting.

I started and finished the last short row section of my beautiful little shawlette. 


I am still loving this pattern.  She lays everything out so clearly that I haven’t had one moment of hesitation while knitting it.  It’s wonderful when a designer doesn’t make you guess or assume.

And now I’m off to finish dinner.  If all things work in my favor (unlike last night), Ella will go to bed at a decent hour and let me begin the second decrease section…



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8 responses to “Fall Foliage Shawl- Almost There

  1. roma1912

    I love this pattern, your doing a brilliant job :-)

  2. Eva fell asleep at 6:30. Kirsi it’s still up, but she’s under Kai’s watch. I thought I’d get some knitting done, but quickly realized I’m way too tired. So I’m in bed. At 8:15. :/
    Yay for you for being productive!

    • Enjoy your much needed sleep! Apparently, Ella has a new schedule. Fall asleep on me for an hour while we sit in the nursery waiting for Hannah to fall asleep, then wake up 10 minutes after I put her down in the co-sleeper. She’ll most likely be up until 11pm or 12 again. Unless they take simultaneous naps during the day, my knitting time will be a big fat zero.

  3. I love the color! Gold goes with everything.

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