Fall Foliage Shawl- In Progress




I’m knitting my first shawl! It’s a sideways pattern called Argante. An awesome feature of this pattern is that the lace border is worked as you go. No picking up a bunch of stitches at the end.



I was gifted a pretty skein of Sunrise Fiber Company sock yarn. The colorway is “Champagne”, but it reminds me more of yellowing Fall leaves than a glass of bubbly.



The garter stitch is wonderfully smooshy and I know it’ll be even better after it’s blocked.

I’m a little farther along than these pictures show. I increased to 62 sts in the garter stitch section and have done a couple of rows of decreasing. I am now more than halfway done. It’s knitting up quite quickly despite my limited knitting time, so I am definitely loving this pattern.






March 16, 2014 · 8:09 pm

20 responses to “Fall Foliage Shawl- In Progress

  1. nickyprysjones

    That is lovely! I’m off to update my Ravelry queue!

    • It’s a great pattern. The designer is very detailed and has everything split up into distinct sections, which makes it very easy to follow. She also has the lace both written and charted.

  2. roma1912

    I love the lace edging, the colour is beautiful congratulation on such beautiful work :-)

  3. A shawl is high on my ‘to do’ list. I want something like this for my holiday, for when the air turns chilly in the evening. This would be perfect. Lovely work.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I think this will end up the perfect size after blocking. It’ll keep my neck and shoulders from getting chilled, without being long and cumbersome.

  4. These sideways shawls with fancy borders are great aren’t they – they always look far more difficult than they are. This is a lovely colour, too.

  5. Color is gorgeous, whatever it’s called :) (It’ll be wonderful at any time of year, too)

  6. Really, really pretty! Even the garter stitch is pretty on that shawl pattern :) ❤

  7. What a lovely, delicate pattern. And the yarn looks nice and soft. Enjoy.

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