A Valentine

Back in February of 2011 BK (Before Kids), I didn’t bat an eye at spending an entire day’s worth of crafting time on Hubby’s Valentine.  I even took step-by-step photos for a tutorial of sorts.

I thought maybe now that I actually have followers, you guys might like to peruse some “vintage” SaraCrafts.  :)


I had started dabbling in embroidery.  This was my second attempt at it and I used some plain, ivory fabric and skeins of embroidery floss I had lying around.  I think I found the design on Flickr somewhere (just search for embroidery patterns).

Be Mine- Part 1
Be Mine- Part 2
Be Mine- Part 3


So there you have it!  The absolute prettiest Valentine I ever gave.



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4 responses to “A Valentine

  1. it IS pretty :) you can see all the love that went into it!

  2. That’s truly beautiful. And I so recognise the BK thing. If only I’d appreciated the time when I had it.

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