Coffee Bean Hoodie- In Action

Yup.  Two posts in one day!  One right after the other, in fact.  Can you tell it’s nap time?  Mama is getting stuff done because both girls fell asleep at the same time! :D

Remember my modified Coffee Bean Hoodie?

I tried my best to take some quick photos of Ella actually wearing it.  I don’t think I was very successful, but at least it gives you the general idea.  



She hasn’t mastered sitting up, yet, so she’s a bit squished looking.  :)



She was so “over” the picture taking before I even got one shot.  lol  Get used to it, Little Lady.



A pixie hood!  



Finally, a smile!




Aaaaand, Big Sissy photo bombs for a kiss.  <3



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5 responses to “Coffee Bean Hoodie- In Action

  1. Oh, this is gorgeous as well!

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