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Photo Friday

Haven’t done one of these in quite awhile. My 30 Day Photo Challenge is starting tomorrow, so you’ll be seeing A LOT more pictures of these gals (And unfortunately, some of me.  Bleh)

I also have a brand new knitting project that will be making its blog debut shortly.  I’m knitting my very first shawl!  I don’t know why it’s taken me so long.


So very serious.


So not serious.


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30 Day Photo Challenge

IMG_0859I received my first DSLR camera for Christmas.  A most excellent gift from a most excellent and darling Hubby.

I’m still trying to figure it out.  Thank goodness for the Auto setting.  When all else fails, shoot in Auto!  :)

I’ve decided to start a 30 Day Photo Challenge in March to help me on my way to becoming a halfway decent amateur photographer.

I’ve selected this one since it’s all about little kids (which is right up my alley).  It took very little convincing to get Moby Knit on board.

So how about you?  Wanna work on your picture taking skills?  Do your knit photos need improvement?  Are landscapes your Achilles Heel? DSLR, point and shoot, camera phone, whatever works for you!  You can find a bunch of different 30 day lists by doing a quick internet search (“30 Day Photo Challenge”) if the one I’ve chosen isn’t what you’re looking for.

I’ll be posting my photos once a week and hope to see some improvement by the end.  I’d love for you to join me!



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Buttercup- Sneak Peek

Ok.  I can’t help myself.  I was going to wait and show you my Buttercup dresses once they were both knitted, blocked, and accessorized.  But I can’t wait.  So I’ll tease you with some blurry cell pics I snapped when I was checking  out the size/fit on Hannah:


She strutted all over the house in her new dress.  Hannah Approved.  :)



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A Valentine

Back in February of 2011 BK (Before Kids), I didn’t bat an eye at spending an entire day’s worth of crafting time on Hubby’s Valentine.  I even took step-by-step photos for a tutorial of sorts.

I thought maybe now that I actually have followers, you guys might like to peruse some “vintage” SaraCrafts.  :)


I had started dabbling in embroidery.  This was my second attempt at it and I used some plain, ivory fabric and skeins of embroidery floss I had lying around.  I think I found the design on Flickr somewhere (just search for embroidery patterns).

Be Mine- Part 1
Be Mine- Part 2
Be Mine- Part 3


So there you have it!  The absolute prettiest Valentine I ever gave.


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Coffee Bean Hoodie- In Action

Yup.  Two posts in one day!  One right after the other, in fact.  Can you tell it’s nap time?  Mama is getting stuff done because both girls fell asleep at the same time! :D

Remember my modified Coffee Bean Hoodie?

I tried my best to take some quick photos of Ella actually wearing it.  I don’t think I was very successful, but at least it gives you the general idea.  



She hasn’t mastered sitting up, yet, so she’s a bit squished looking.  :)



She was so “over” the picture taking before I even got one shot.  lol  Get used to it, Little Lady.



A pixie hood!  



Finally, a smile!




Aaaaand, Big Sissy photo bombs for a kiss.  <3


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Tea Cozy Tuesday- FO

Let’s just pretend it’s still January, shall we?  I finished this on the first of February so I guess that’s not SO bad.  Right?  Ignore the fact that it took me until the middle of February to post about it.  :)










You can find the details on my Ravelry page HERE.


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Here’s a picture to prove I’m still knitting.  Some days, it may only be for a few minutes, but I am knitting.   

If my Little Ones cooperate and go to bed at a decent time (unlike last night), I’ll be casting off on my first Buttercup dress (in the photo above, I’m finishing up the bottom border).


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