I took advantage of Ravelry’s stash feature for the very first time.  Thanks to some destashing from Moby Knit plus a belated Christmas gift from her as well (this and this), I realized I had started to amass a small stash of usable yarn (besides the little bits of skeins & hanks I have laying around).  It all looks so neat and tidy:


I think I have a few more skeins I can add once I dig them up and photograph them.  Now it’s time to start knitting from my “stash.”  :)



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3 responses to “Stashing

  1. stashing is awesome! even when I buy new yarn for a project, I like to stash it first and then use it from the stash for the project…that way when I’m done and I enter how much I used, ravelry keeps track of how much I have left. Also that way when I’m looking through my stash, I can see which projects I used that yarn for so far.

  2. This is one of the best features on Ravelry and it really helps you to keep track, and it helps when you try to remember what yarn you used, as well as yardage.

  3. You are a better woman than I.

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