WiP Wednesday- Buttercup Dress

I had to grab these pics off of my Ravelry page since the originals are on our computer. It’s a work-at-home day for Hubby so he gets to hog the computer all day. I’ll swap the pics out tonight. Until then, enjoy these not so great photos.


My darling Hubby gave me a pattern and yarn for Christmas!  With the help of my dear friend Meghan, he navigated Ravelry, picked a pattern from my queue, and bought the proper yarn. He knows me all too well and selected a beautiful navy blue (KP’s Galileo in “Lunar”). 


The pattern is the little girl’s Buttercup Dress. I think it’s darling and plan on pairing it with a sunny yellow shirt. I was inspired by a window display at Baby Gap. Who knew navy blue, white, and yellow could look so cute together?

I started with a cabled cast on since I didn’t want anything that made the yoke stretch too much and I think it pairs nicely with garter stitch.

This one is a size 2 years for my daughter, Hannah. If I have enough yarn leftover, I’ll fiddle with the numbers and knit a 6 month size for Ella.



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9 responses to “WiP Wednesday- Buttercup Dress

  1. Oh my, how thoughtful of him! And how darling your girl(s) will look :) ❤

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