Antler Cardi in Action

I finished Ella’s Christmas sweater a few hours before the deadline.  Our Christmas festivities were rather hectic so I didn’t get any good pictures until yesterday.  Here’s Ella rocking her Antler sweater:


Her red hair is finally starting to show up in pictures. I love it!


My Ravelry Project Page






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12 responses to “Antler Cardi in Action

  1. Lovely job (both sweater and kiddo)!

  2. roma1912

    Awwww, very cute model closely followed by very cute cardi :-)

  3. Ella and her cardi are adorable!

  4. Looks beautiful and cosy on your gorgeous girl. And it looks as though there’s a bit of room for her to grow in it, too.

  5. I love baby sweaters so much!!!!

  6. Beautiful cardigan, and I love the little wisps of red that are starting to show up!

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