Aviatrix Hat




Look at my cutie!  She decided to be a little Ham the day after Christmas and I took full advantage of it.  :)  These photos were taken with my brand spankin’ new camera.  I am beyond excited (and shocked) to have gotten a “fancy” camera for Christmas! I’ve spent the last 3 or 4 years wishing for one and my sweet Hubby made it happen!  Now to figure out how to use it to it’s full potential…

Back to the hat.





The pattern is Aviatrix and was SO much fun to knit!  It’s free, has a decent size range (NB -5 years), you can choose between 3 yarn weights, it’s knit flat, and is gratifyingly quick to make.  I crocheted a big, obnoxious flower for it.  C’mon, I’m only going to be able to dress her up for so long… ;)  My little Ella Bean has a matching hat (with a slightly smaller obnoxious flower), but I don’t have any decent pics of her wearing it, yet.






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16 responses to “Aviatrix Hat

  1. So pretty! (the hat’s nice too ;)

  2. I’ve made this before! Isn’t this a fabulous pattern? You did an amazing job! I especially love the flower!Too cute!

  3. Awwww, your daughter is beautiful. Love the hat – a friend of mine makes one for every new baby her friends have. It’s a great design because it keeps the ears warm, too.

    • I’m a little partial, but I think so too! :P

      I chose the Aviatrix, hoping the strap would discourage her from ripping it off her head (and I loved that it fully covers her ears)… and so far so good!

  4. roma1912

    I do believe you have a future model on you hands, she is just soooo precious. The hat is mighty fine too :-)

  5. So cute, thanks for sharing.

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