Knitted Birds

Heavens!  Two posts in one day!  I’m in the car on the way down to my folk’s house for Christmas.  It’s too dark to knit, so I might as well post those Christmas ornaments I mentioned a little while ago.


Knitted Birds.  Oh so cute!  I went rustic and folksy with them since I’m sorta lovin’ primitive/country decor right now.  I wish my whole house was in that style!

I don’t have a Ravelry page up for them. Maybe I’ll get around to it. I did both using magic loop instead of dpns. A lot less fiddly, especially with the tiny blue bird. Oh, and I stuffed them through the head during the decreases. It’s way too much of a pain to stuff though the tail.

The turquoise one is made in fingering weight with size 1 needles. It’s probably about 1.5″ tall.

The brown bird is made in Cascade Eco (it’s a worsted weight) and size 4 needles. That one is about 2″ tall.



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7 responses to “Knitted Birds

  1. roma1912

    These are just amazing, love them, how adorable ( do you get the idea of how great I think they are ) have a great Christmas :-D

  2. Beautiful. I think a tree covered in a whole flock of them would look absolutely stunning.

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