Antler-Day 7


I had to do a quick steam blocking since there's not enough time to wet block.

My last full day of knitting Antler before the deadline.  I redid the buttonhole band four times and one of the underarm kitchener seams twice.  A tight time frame and being a perfectionist just does not mix.  It’s certainly not my best work, but I love the pattern and will totally make it again (when I have time to enjoy knitting it!).  It still needs buttons.  I may have to sew them on tomorrow.  Right now, I’m busy packing, doing a load of cloth diapers (so we don’t come home to a smelly house, haha), and getting ready for the drive to South Jersey.  Oh, and I need to feed Hannah dinner, too.  How could I forget that?




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9 responses to “Antler-Day 7

  1. I think it looks wonderful :) and those buttons will be so cute on it!

  2. I like it! And it’s the perfect color!

  3. Gorgeous piece of work. And it looks very cosy and warm.

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