WiP Wednesday- Antler Baby Cardi


After a couple, several, half a dozen false starts, I finally decided on the Antler Cardigan as Ella’s Christmas sweater. I had wasted a good (bad?) three days fiddling with other ideas so I now have 6 days to knit, block, and possibly embroider it.  Thank goodness I’m making the smallest size, but I still foresee late night knitting and copious amounts of coffee to finish on time.  :)


Yesterday, I completed the first sleeve and the ribbing on the second.  Today, the second sleeve needs to finished and the body needs to be at least 1/3 of the way done.

About the pattern: Last year at Christmastime, the designer Tin Can Knits generously offered this pattern for free!  Wasn’t that super sweet of her?!  It’s very well written and has SO many sizes to choose from (0/6 months to 4XL adult)!  I could see myself cozying up in this sweater…. :)



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8 responses to “WiP Wednesday- Antler Baby Cardi

  1. roma1912

    Late nights, coffee & knitting if it wasn’t for the stress of getting goodies done on time it would be a perfect combination :-)

  2. Gorgeous! Unfortunately, it is not free anymore.

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