Coffee Bean Hoodie- The Hood


Here it is in all its hoodie glory!  It’s not finished, yet.  I have some blocking and button selecting/sewing to do.  But I just had to share my progress since I love this little sweater so much!


I typed out all my mods with the stitch counts, etc and put it on my Ravelry project page



The above picture was my first try. After I did the three-needle bind off, I decided that the height of the hood wasn’t quite tall enough.  So I undid the bind off and added 4 more rows.


The final three-needle bind off.

So… 47 sts (seed stitch border on first and last 5 stitches).  Work 41 rows, decreasing 1 stitch on the last row (23 sts, k2tog, 22 sts).  Fold in half with right sides together, then work a three-needle bind off. 

Now it’s time to find the perfect buttons in my stash.



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3 responses to “Coffee Bean Hoodie- The Hood

  1. Gorgeous! Good job!Definately GAP worthy!

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