Coffee Bean Hoodie- Mods & Such

At the end of my last post, I eluded to a new project I had just started.  I even included a rather vague photo.  Well, still no sign of Ella, so I got quite a bit of knitting done over the weekend. 


I’m making the very popular Coffee Bean Cardigan in the smallest size (3 months).  And why not?  Worsted weight yarn, raglan shaping, and stripes = quick, easy, and super cute!  I’ve made this pattern twice before so this time I knew what I wanted to tweak:

Mod #1
Skipped the neck ribbing and did a provisional cast on so I can add a hood.

Mod #2
Casted on an extra 5 stitches on each side rather than picking up button band stitches at the end.  Worked them in seed stitch and added yarn over buttonholes on every 6th MC row.


Mod #3
6 rows of Main Color
2 rows of Contrasting Color

Mod #4
Went down two needle sizes for ribbing because my other two sweaters had sloppy ribbing (in my opinion).

Mod #5
Tapered the sleeves because they end up quite boxy and baggy.  Decreased two stitches (k2tog and ssk) on the 6th round of the MC stripes, 3 times total (28 stitches left).  Then knit the rest of the sleeve and ribbing to the proper length.

I’ve just started the hood today.  Here’s hoping it turns out as cute as I picture it in my head.


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12 responses to “Coffee Bean Hoodie- Mods & Such

  1. I really like this! The hood is going to be awesome. :)

  2. I knew it! I thought that’s what it was when you posted the teaser picture, but the neckline threw me. I like your mod for the button band – I’m going to have to try that on my next sweater pattern…seems much easier than picking up.

    • Lol! The neckline definitely made it a little tricky.

      I wasn’t in the mood to pick up stitches and do a bunch of counting to make sure the buttonholes ended up where I wanted them. That’s the most annoying part.

  3. An adorable knit, I love the changes you made to the pattern. The seed stitch button band is just perfect and I really like the idea of a hood. Great job.

  4. You are gooooood! Go! I can’t wait to see it! This sweater is a beaut! Ella will love it! How will you do the hood? Short-rows?

  5. Oh my gosh! Still no Ella??? What a girl! You must be soooo anxious…she’ll have an entire knitted wardrobe til she’s 12 if she doesn’t hurry up :D

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