Cabled Mittens- Finished


Ella has been very well behaved and we’re on our way to week 40.  She’s obviously thumbing her nose at all my doctors. 

Did I have to go on bedrest?  Nope.

Did she come prematurely?  Nope.

Did I deliver her within 2 weeks of stopping the progesterone shots?  Nope.

Will she stay in full term and end up over 6 pounds?  Most likely!  :)

So anyways, because Ella is such a well behaved little girl, I finished Mom’s pair of mittens.  And she LOVED them.  All the gauge/size/yarn details are here on my Ravelry project page.


The ribbing is supposed to have baby cables, but I stuck with a simple (i.e. quick) 1×1 rib and I’m glad I did.  Sometimes less is more and I think this was one of those instances.


Thank heavens they ended up the same size!  That’s always a fear of mine when I made a pair of something.


Once the second mitten was off the needles and blocking, I began to feel very antsy.  I always do when I’m without a project.  So I grabbed some acrylic/wool blend from my knitting bag. . . .


I’m sure some of you know what pattern this is.  :) Details to follow shortly (as long as I don’t go into labor in the next day or so).



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4 responses to “Cabled Mittens- Finished

  1. Very nice! You are being quite productive! I’m still avoiding Glove #2. Lol!

    • Thank you! I’ve been able to crank things out since my Mom is staying with us. Plus, I have PGP so if I “overdo” it, I end up not being able to walk or move. Knitting keeps me sane. :)

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