WiP Wednesday- Cabled Mittens (a big whoops)

One mitten down and it turned out great:


And then the second mitten happened.

And I was 32 rows into the cable pattern before I realized I had made a mistake on the very first repeat.  The very. First. Repeat.  One of the cables went over when it should have gone under.

I didn’t want to unravel allllll the way down to the cuff.  So I did this instead:


Yup.  I dropped the 9 cable stitches down to the cuff and stuck them on a dpn.  Then, with the help of a crochet hook and cable needle, I went about methodically knitting my way back up:


And I made the same mistake on the first repeat again.  So back down a few rows I went.


Back on track. I think this may actually work!

I spent my free time yesterday working my way up.  Once I got the hang of it, it was actually kinda fun.  Plus, I got a little better (and more confident) about dropping stitches. 


It worked!


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15 responses to “WiP Wednesday- Cabled Mittens (a big whoops)

  1. Good work! Far better to fix it now than hate the mittens forever, because they are really pretty. :-)

  2. Wow! That’s a brave fix! Good work! I’ve definitely ripped back a lot of knitting to fix a cable crossed the wrong way.

  3. Looking at this gave me a heart attack!

  4. So you CAN do that with cables! good to know :) well done too, looks like it was perfect to begin with!

  5. Sara, that was dope!You gotta do a tut!That was super brave of you! Seriously! The mittens look beautiful!

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