Weekend Knitting- Cabled Mittens

Do you recall the mitten I “inexplicably” cast on for in the middle of my Periwinkle Socks?  I wisely set the mitt aside, but now it’s time to crank it out!


I would love to give these to my Mom as part of a thank you gift for coming up to stay with me during the week while Hubby is at work (his commute to the city is rather long).

The color is decidedly un-Noro, but I love knitting in neutrals and I had this skein of acrylic/lamb’s wool blend tucked away.  It’ll be easy for her to keep clean since she can throw it in the washing machine and dryer.



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8 responses to “Weekend Knitting- Cabled Mittens

  1. I’m loving it! Neutrals are so perfect! You can never go wrong.

    • The pattern is perfect. It’s my first pair of mittens and they have just enough detail to keep me interested, but not too involved (so I can watch tv and chat without messing up).

      • I’m really glad you like the book! That IS the perfect pattern and by the time your TV show is done you’re 3/4 way done in your project! Can I just say that I’m really impressed how you’ve been attacking these projects one after the other!

      • The first mitten went by really fast since I’ve been working with fingering weight yarn so often lately.

        I’m definitely taking advantage of the free time I have now. You probably won’t see too many WiPs or FOs from me for the rest of the year, though.

  2. sounds like a good pattern! I’m knitting socks and a beret right now and I agree, you want patterns that aren’t TOO hard but still a challenge. ;)

  3. Very pretty! Mittens sound way more appealing than gloves. I set my second glove aside to knit dishcloths. Yes, you read that right. How desperate is that??

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