WiP Wednesday- Periwinkle Socks


Okay, so it’s not the most flattering picture of my Periwinkle Socks. . . .

But I am determined to finish them today and didn’t feel like wasting my free time laying the sock out and finding the perfect light for photo taking.

I’ve just been to the doctor and was told I’m 3cm dilated and my cervix is very soft.  As in, once labor starts, it’ll probably go quite quickly.  Hence my desire to finish the socks.  Tonight.  Just in case.



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17 responses to “WiP Wednesday- Periwinkle Socks

  1. Oooh good luck! (For both.) very exciting!

  2. Pretty socks regardless. Best of luck and well wishes for a quick and easy “main event.”

  3. Oh…and the socks are gorgeous :)

  4. Quick is better than slow! :)

    Oh, and nice sock. ;)

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