Hat and Booties for Z- Finished


A simple hat and bootie set for my soon-to-be nephew, Zachary.  I modified the Knotted Newborn Hat pattern I just used, adding more stitches and working a K2, P1 rib.



I was a bit worried about odd striping or  pooling, but the color changes were, happily, nice and subtle.  I actually like it better than if it was a solid color.


My first pair of toe-up socks worked out well.  I really, really love Judy’s Magic Cast-On!  The toe looks fantastic.


I modified this pattern a little bit, too, adding 25 rows of K1, P1 ribbing so the booties have a folded down cuff.  It should stay on better and I like the look of it more than the original.


I’m not the best at short row heels, but they’ll get better looking with more practice.



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7 responses to “Hat and Booties for Z- Finished

  1. Very cute set. I love the yarn you chose.

  2. Very nice! That color looks a lot like the color I used for Kai’s socks. It’s just a tad greener.

  3. I love that soft and subtle color change! And Judy’s cast-on is a big favorite of mine too :)

  4. Very cute set :) Your modifications and the yarn colour worked out well ❤

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