Weekend Knitting


I worked on my Periwinkle Socks very faithfully all weekend. . . while itching to cast on for my first pair of toe-up socks.

Hannah and I went out to run errands on Saturday morning.  It was delightfully chilly (aka: sweater weather!) so I dressed Hannah up in tights, a denim skirt, and her Sophisticate sweater.  The girl at our favorite local coffee shop gushed over the sweater.  But why wouldn’t she?  It’s an adorable pattern!

A.C. Moore had a 55% off coupon that was only good on Friday and Saturday, so that was one of our other stops.  I had grabbed a handful of dollar bills out of the change jar before I left the house, in anticipation of picking up a skein of sock yarn.  The color choices always leave a lot to be desired, but I found one in blue-green tones that I think will be appropriate for a pair of toe-up baby socks and a matching hat. 

With my coupon, the skein cost me less than $2.50 so I decided to buy a row counter, as well.  I’ve been wanting one forever and I finally broke down and got one.  I left the store only having spent $5.04, so that’s pretty successful.  It was change jar money, anyway, and it’ll be used to make a gift.

You see what I did there?  That’s me trying to justify a five dollar yarn purchase.  I suppose it’s normal for a stay-at-home Mom to feel guilty about buying things for herself since she doesn’t contribute anything monetarily to the household. 

I’m probably going to set my socks aside today and start the baby socks and hat.  I need to finish the set before my SiL’s birthday in October.


Here’s hoping the yarn doesn’t do any weird pooling or striping. . .



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7 responses to “Weekend Knitting

  1. I don’t know why I waited so long to get a row counter. It’s wonderful! Eva thinks it’s wonderful, too. I’m forever recovering it from her little hands.

    What color of Kroy is that? I found that mine striped, but it was subtle. And don’t feel guilty about yarn purchases! Consider what you’d have to pay someone to do your job. Housework and childcare aren’t free!

    • The color is called “Cascade Colors.” I looked it up on Ravelry over the weekend and it doesn’t look too terrible. I’ve used the brown-grey “Glencheck” colorway before and that one is incredibly subtle, but this one definitely has more tones than that one.

  2. I just got done knitting a pair of socks in the Kroy 4 ply Green Striped Ragg colorway (which obviously is striped). I really liked the yarn and the socks turned out really soft and cushy :) I’ll be posting the FO pics as soon as I can get them washed and dried and get my hubby to model them for me!

  3. P.S. – LOVE those periwinkle socks!

  4. I think I used that exact yarn/color for my first pair of toe up socks! Lol. Not positive about the name of the color though. Forgot to write it down… http://www.ravelry.com/projects/SourdghLifestyle/man-socks

    • The colors look exactly the same as in my skein, so I bet you used the Cascade colorway. The socks turned out great! Hopefully my first toe-up attempt is just as successful as yours was.

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