Hospital Hat- Finished


Here’s the hospital hat I whipped up a week or so ago.  For some reason, I couldn’t stand the thought of Ella not having a handknit one.  Most likely because I know the ones they stick on the newborns at my local hospital are pretty darn ugly.  They’re basically cheap cut off tube sock things and the hems aren’t even finished.  The horror.


The i-cord knot.

Yes, this is the same yarn I used on her sweater, bonnet, and booties AND Hannah’s Big Sister Hat.  I’m certainly getting my money’s worth out of the two hanks I bought!  Be prepared.  You may end up seeing a pair of pink socks, too, if I can find the time.  :)


Rolled Brim

For the brim, I ended up doing 8 rounds of st st, then 6 purl rounds.  I added the extra knit rounds to make sure it rolled up enough.

You can find the original pattern here.

And my Ravelry page with the mods, measurements, and details is here.



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9 responses to “Hospital Hat- Finished

  1. So cute! Much better to have a sweet hat handmade with love.

  2. I love baby hats that have knots on top. You could use it for her newborn pics, too!

    • I plan on using it for her first pics. Last time, the hospital neglected to give me the form to fill out for the newborn photography and I had no idea they offered it until it was too late. :(

      Then, Hannah came home with a nasty case of jaundice and was incredibly yellow for the first week, so she didn’t get any professional pics until she was 16 days old.

      I’m hoping for better luck this time around! Lol

  3. Oh, how adorable! I particularly like the sweet little knot on top :)

  4. Awe… love the i-cord love-knot ❤ Ella’s pics will be so cute!

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