WiP Wednesday- Half Brioche Stitch Booties

I actually finished the pair today while at the Perinatalogist’s office.  I took advantage of Hannah being home with Daddy and did some waiting room and exam room knitting.  It’s a super simple bootie pattern.  I’ll have all the details up in a post sometime this week.


Unfortunately, that was the best part of my day.  It was supposed to be my very last appointment with the Specialist because my cervix has been such a good girl this time around…but the doc was concerned about Ella’s tiny size (roughly 3- 3 1/4 lbs at almost 34 weeks) and she now has to be monitored twice a week. 

I’m worried about how in the world I’m supposed to get to these appointments since I only have a car (and Hubby is home to watch Hannah) on Wednesdays. Hubby could take the train on the other days, but they don’t allow children at the doctor’s office (“no exceptions”), so I still wouldn’t be able to go.  It really does stink to live 2+ hours away from my family and friends.



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9 responses to “WiP Wednesday- Half Brioche Stitch Booties

  1. Oh no! How big do they want her to be?

    The no children rule is pretty annoying, but I know childbearing specialists sometimes use it because their patients may be struggling with infertility, and the presence of children is really tough on them emotionally. Luckily I haven’t run into any doctors that have that rule. I’d never be able to go!

    • I didn’t even think to ask since the size thing came out of left field. But Brian and I aren’t “big” people and both of us came out under 7lbs, so the odds of her being large were very slim. I think the size monitoring is more “better safe than sorry”, especially because this was supposed to be my last visit. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      At first I thought that might be the reason they don’t allow kids, until I found out their other location down in Lakewood let’s you bring children. But I use the office that’s about 4 minutes from my house (and its the one affiliated with my hospital).

  2. Good luck with the baby. Booties look lovely

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