WiP Wednesday- Big Sister Hat & Family Stockings


Over the weekend, I casted on for attempt number 2 of Hannah’s Big Sister Hat.  This pattern/yarn/needle combo is producing an adorable (and properly sized) hat, unlike my first try. 


I popped it on her head for a nano second after knitting a couple of inches past the brim and I’m pretty confident it’s turning out how I want it to.  I decided to make the “child” size instead of the “toddler” because I wanted a bigger, slouchier hat that covers her ears a bit.  The photo on the pattern page looked small and snug on the model.

I love the look of the original hat with the contrasting yarn, but I have a very small stash (if you can even call it that), so I didn’t have any other fingering weight wool to use with the pink.  I want it to match Ella’s ensemble, anyway, so it must be very girly and pink. :)

Oh…and I attempted a bit of duplicate stitch last week. With the (purposefully) loose gauge of the stockings, the results are less than stellar:


Two down, one to go (Ella’s. A nice, short name).  They still need a ribbon loop hanger and a very good blocking. The rest of the family will get new, replacement stockings over the next couple of years to match the ones I’ve made for the grandkids.  I just can’t see making six more by December.  I’m going to have my hands full with an 18 month old and newborn in less than two months and need to crank out a few more projects before then.



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11 responses to “WiP Wednesday- Big Sister Hat & Family Stockings

  1. Someone has been productive! Great projects!

    • :) Thanks! The stockings have been in a closet for quite some time and I finally got around to adding the names. They were on my pre-baby knit list, so it’s nice to be able to cross them off.

      The body of the hat is worked on size 5s, so the brioche pattern is knitting up very quickly. I’m feeling pretty accomplished! :)

  2. I think the duplicate stitch looks great!

  3. Love the brioche stitch!

  4. Those stockings look great! I love reading your blog so I decided to nominate it for a Liebster Award :)

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