A Gift in the Mail

This afternoon, a lovely package was waiting for me on the doorstep when I went out to check for mail.  I rarely receive things in the mail.  That’s probably because I rarely buy anything for myself.  People don’t just go around sending you things for free after all… well, unless you enter a giveaway and win!  :D

Thanks to the Knitterly Hook-er, this was what I unwrapped:


Wait… I got more than just the Noro book?!


In my package was a very pretty chevron journal (I’m a complete sucker for notebooks and journals), a little pencil pouch (perfect for holding my dpns and stitch markers), a sweet note, and, of course, the Knit Noro Accessories book. 

What a nice way to start my week!



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8 responses to “A Gift in the Mail

  1. Nicely wrapped. All colored coordinated.

  2. Reblogged this on Knit It Up and commented:
    Winner of my recent giveaway…See what she has to say!

  3. Enjoy! Blog next about the first project you choose to do! :-)

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