Weekend Crafting

We spent the weekend at my parent’s house and while I was there, I whipped up two lollipop centerpieces for my sister-in-law’s baby shower.


The supplies.



A finished bouquet in all its sugary sweetness.

Mom and I have a whopping 3 weeks to plan it due to my brother’s schedule and lack of leave (he’s in the Navy).  Mom chose a space in Maryland that’s about halfway between the family in South Jersey and the naval base in Norfolk.  So, of course, it’s not very close to me since I’m another 2 hours north of SJ.  But anyway, to lessen the stress on my Mom, I offered to co-host it.  My sil’s extended family lives in Kentucky and Ohio and her parents and younger sister are missionaries in Mexico, so it’s up to us to make this small, impromptu shower special for Jax and Jay.  If I’m not too busy, I’ll try to remember to take pictures.

Oh… Anyone have some cute and easy shower game ideas? It’s a Jack & Jill shower and I’m a bit stumped as to how to keep everyone entertained.



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2 responses to “Weekend Crafting

  1. This is an idea, I have not seen on Pinterest yet. So neat. What a great thing to do for this event.

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