Frogged- The Thing

Oh happy day!  I discovered a shrug in my closet.  It has long sleeves, but they look just fine and dandy rolled up a couple times, so I am joyfully frogging The Thing that I’ve been slaving over (and loathing) for three days.  I doubt it would have been finished and blocked and dried by Sunday morning. 

I certainly didn’t need the stress of The Thing.  It had me feeling anxious from the moment I started it.  I suspect that was part of the reason I couldn’t sleep last night.  Well, that and having to get up to tinkle every half hour and the all over body aches that Ella is now subjecting me to.  Don’t get me wrong, she is TOTALLY worth it.  After years (and lots of tears) trying for Hannah, I feel incredibly lucky to have this new little gal on the way.  The fact that she has stayed put for 30 weeks and counting without a fuss and I’m not confined to the couch this time around is a huge bonus that I’m constantly thankful for! 

Hmm.  I certainly went off on a tangent there, didn’t I?  Anyway. . .  Here’s a picture of my dress with the store bought (*gasp!*) shrug.  Please pardon the terrible picture.  It’s been dark and rainy all day and my attempts at editing only slightly improved the photo.


  I am SO looking forward to leisurely knitting my Periwinkle Socks tonight after Hannah goes to bed. :)



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9 responses to “Frogged- The Thing

  1. You really don’t need the stress – store bought is fine!

  2. Leisure knitting! My favorite. That’s what I’ll be doing tonight, hopefully. I’m about to start the third lace repeat, and I’m already worried about yardage. :/

    • Ohh! I hate that! I end up obsessed with watching the yarn ball grow smaller and smaller and have a hard time actually enjoying the knitting.

      • Exactly! I bought the amount stated in the pattern (super on sale, I might add), but I’m only getting a little over two repeats out of each ball. I have four balls which need to last through at least 5.5 repeats AND the ribbing around the body and the sleeves.

  3. What do you think you will make with the yarn from”The Thing”?

    • I’m thinking maybe infant sized raglan sweaters or shrugs so I can use my first daughter’s hand me down wardrobe for our second daughter. Hannah was born in the Spring, and Ella is due in the Fall, so I’ll need to do a lot of layering to make the Spring/Summer wardrobe work.

  4. Frogging never feels so good as when it is applied to anything so lovingly referred to as the “thing” ;) Your outfit looks very nice ❤

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