WiP Wednesday- Periwinkle Socks & A Thing

We did a lot of riding around in the car over the weekend, so my Periwinkle Socks are coming along nicely.


I even turned the heel!  This is the very first time I haven’t gotten gauge on a Nancy Bush pattern.  Hmm.  I think it might be because the sock yarn has some stretch to it.  I have skinny feet, so it should be fine.

Unfortunately, I had to set my lovely sock aside to work on this thing:


I started this cropped, drapey vest thing yesterday and have until Sunday to finish it.  Yeah. . . Wish me luck on this one.  Hopefully I complete it AND it turns out looking okay with my dress.  I have a baptism/shower to attend and would like to have a cover up since I’m perpetually chilly. . . plus, at seven months pregnant, I’m a little more *ahem* endowed than usual. 

Oh. . . Can you see the (admittedly blurry) sales tag on that yarn?  It originally came from Woolworth!  This cotton yarn must be old, but it’s nice and soft and easy to work with.



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7 responses to “WiP Wednesday- Periwinkle Socks & A Thing

  1. Good luck on the vest! I hope Hannah lets you finish it. :)

  2. both look really nice. I love periwinkle, and that sock pattern looks nice. As for the crochet – good thing it goes fast! I hope you make it!

  3. I love the socks! Is it finished now?

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