Good Day Sunshine- Finished

The softy for Baby T is done!  It was a nice and easy project.  And quick.  That’s the great thing about crochet.  It’s a lot faster than knitting.  The bad thing about crochet is that it eats up way more yarn and is harder on my hands and wrists.  Anywho. . .


I used a little less than one skein of “Sunshine” yellow and maybe a third of a skein of “Hot Orange”.  As usual, my embroidery skills are mediocre, at best.  I wish I had had some safety eyes laying around.  I should keep a supply of those things, just in case.


Hannah approved of the toy immensely and insisted on taking over the creative direction of the photo shoot.




You can find the pattern and all my details on my Ravelry page.



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7 responses to “Good Day Sunshine- Finished

  1. You should have told me you needed a set! I have a bunch from Hobby Lobby. I bought them for 99 cents for a pack of 6 eyes.

    And your embroidery looks great to me. Mine is flat out awful.

    • Thanks! The sleeping eyes were the only ones that didn’t look weird, so I went with that.

      This was a last minute project, so I wasn’t very prepared. Next time I’m down in SJ, I plan on making a trip to HL to “stock up” on safety eyes. :)

  2. This is so cute – the orange rays really make it pop and leaving off those creepy legs makes your sun so much friendlier!

    • Thanks, Sally. I think the two colors really make a difference.

      Thanks for the Ravelry friend request. I love getting inspiration from my fellow knitters. It’s making my favorites list kinda long, though. :)

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