My Birthday & WiP Wednesday

I turned 28 on Monday, but I’m still waiting to feel like a “grown up”.  I thought getting married, buying a house, and having a baby would do the trick, but it didn’t.  Maybe Baby # 2 will. : )  My parents (in their early 50s) act like a couple of kids still, so there’s probably not much hope for me.  I’ll just continue along, cringing when I have to call an adult by their first name. : )

Hubby gave me a vintage daisy sugar bowl and creamer set for my birthday.  He’s always a sweet and thoughtful gift giver. This time, he combined some of my favorite things. . . daisies and tea.


Now, onto the WiP!

I actually knitted Hannah her big sister hat, but because I didn’t have the proper needle size, it turned out way too small.  It won’t fit Ella at the right time of year, either, so I will sadly unravel it when I work up the nerve. 

We got an invite to a special baptism/shower for the newest member of the McGowan clan.  Hubby’s cousin and his wife endured years of fertility treatments that ultimately ended when she was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  In May, they adopted their baby boy, T, so now it’s time for a belated baby shower.  They’re having a sunshine theme, so I knew I wanted to whip up a stuffed sun toy to go with his gift.  Crochet is a lot faster than knitting, so I settled on this pattern (but without the creepy, dangle-y legs) to ensure that it’s done in plenty of time.


I’m using Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton. I already had the eye searing “Hot Orange”, so I only needed to pick up the “Sunshine” yellow.



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6 responses to “My Birthday & WiP Wednesday

  1. That’s lovely. Reminds me of being at nursery where my sign was the sun : )

  2. Jen

    Ha! Those legs are a little on the creepy side (mostly in that second pic where they’re crossed lol). Cute blog! Love the Pretty in Pink set!
    And Happy Birthday :) I’m 32 and sometimes I feel like a grown up and sometimes I don’t. I don’t know when it will “set in” full time, but it hasn’t yet.

  3. I’m a spindly leg lover. Gives you something to hold onto when you’re whipping that toy around your head and whacking people with it. ;P

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