A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me


As I mentioned in my last post, I received some sock yarn from Meghan as an early birthday present.  There are two hanks of the pretty lilac color and 3 of a more manly navy (in case I want to knit Hubby a pair of socks,too).


She also gave me 3 skeins of a very pink worsted acrylic/wool blend from her stash because she’s an admitted “yarn snob” and can’t bear to use a yarn with so much acrylic. Haha. While I prefer natural fibers, I’m more of a “take what I can get” type of knitter. : ) I can’t decide what I want to use it for, yet, but I’m thinking it would make a cozy shawl to wear while tv knitting since Hubby loves to turn the A/C on high in the summer and I’m always cold in the winter.

On Friday evening, Hubby surprised me with a dinner out at the Franklinville Inn as an early birthday present. Fancy! Hannah stayed with my parents and it was really strange (and quiet) to go out without her. I ordered some Salmon Italiano and it was super yummy.

Since my parents probably won’t see me again before my birthday, I got my gift from them over the weekend, too. 


How convenient that Bogart wanted to be in this picture. He's probably plotting how to destroy this bobbin winder, as well.

Look!  A bobbin winder!  I haven’t been able to play around with my sewing machine in over a year because Hubby’s cat*, Bogart, knocked the machine off the table and broke the bobbin winder.  Thank goodness they make a separate portable version. My Mom knew it would be the perfect present for me.  I can’t wait to try it out and maybe start dabbling with fabric crafts again!

I don’t think there’s any way my birthday could be better than the Very Merry Unbirthday Weekend I just had!

*He is actually our cat, but I’m not his biggest fan and like to refer to him as belonging to Hubby (who is continually sticking up for him and reminding me about what a great critter and bug hunter Bogart is).



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11 responses to “A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me

  1. happy birthday!!! it looks like you got a good haul that will keep you busy for months to come. and dinner out as well – wow!

  2. I vote for a Nancy Bush pattern!

    P.S. Bogart totally photobombed you. :)

    • It’ll definitely be an NB pattern. I have it narrowed down to the Child’s French Sock (pg 57) and Evening Stockings (pg 73).

      How convenient that Bogart woke up for a stroll as I was taking pictures. *eye roll*

  3. Happy unbirthday to you, Sara! How nice you were gifted such an abundance of yarn :) My aspirations of yarn snobbery also tends to be more along the lines of whatever I can get ;) ❤

  4. Beautiful yarn and I hope you had a fantastic birthday!

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