Help Me Choose the Ribbon for Pretty in Pink!

I hoard ribbon.  And mismatched buttons. And other bits and baubles.  I think most of my readers are crafters, so I’m sure you all have a drawer, box, or basket full of the same goodies.

Let me start off by showing you the fabulous buttons that, thankfully, fit the buttonholes of the sweater:


They originally came from my Mommom’s stash.  I have the exact amount I need (six) and they’re just what I was looking for.


Now for the bonnet’s ribbon choices:


a. 1/4″ ivory (somewhat silky, a little bit stiff)

b. 3/8″  ‘velvet’ ivory

c. 3/8″ pale pink (silky)

d. 5/8″ ivory grosgrain (the stiffest option)

e. 1″ light gray (very soft and silky)

And here are the ribbons and bonnet together:


So which would you choose?



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7 responses to “Help Me Choose the Ribbon for Pretty in Pink!

  1. What about a pickle jar? I have a pickle jar of buttons. (And maybe a decorative Chinese “take out” box, too. :P)

    I vote for Option E based on comfort. Too thin a ribbon would “cut” into the skin, I think.

    • I have at least 4 large mason jars full of buttons as well as small tins of “special” vintage buttons. I can’t bear to get rid of any of them. :)

      I’m leaning towards the gray, too. It’s a pretty color combo, is ridiculously soft, and a big, floppy bow would look adorable.

  2. My vote is for E, I really like the idea of a soft and silky addition. Of course it’s up to you, but if I was making it for myself E would definitely win!

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