Pretty in Pink- The Sweater


I finished up the knitting, but it’s still in desperate need of blocking.  I can’t wait to see how the lace opens up once that’s done, but I’ll wait until the matching bonnet is completed and block them together.


It took less than one skein of the Cascade Heritage to make the swatch and sweater.  I’m guessing around 400yds, but I haven’t measured the leftover yet.

I spent a bit of time trying to decide what bind off to use on the cuffs.  I wanted something that was stretchy, but that blended in with the garter stitch and was nice and flat.  So instead of a sewn BO or Jenny’s stretchy BO (which I like using), I tried an elastic BO* and really liked working it.  It’s fast and easy to memorize. I’ll definitely use it again.


Cuff Bind Off

Pre-Blocked Measurements

Shoulder to Hem: 8 1/2″

Width at underarm: 7 3/4″

Underarm to Cuff: 3 3/4″

* Elastic Bind Off: Work the first 2 sts, sl them purlwise (together) back to the left needle, work the sts together tbl, work next stitch, sl them purlwise, etc, etc


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12 responses to “Pretty in Pink- The Sweater

    • Thanks! It’s so. . . tiny! It’ll block out a bit bigger with all that lace, though. It should be the perfect size to wear right away.

      • I’m sure Ella will be able to use it for at least a month. I knit Eva a tiny newborn sweater, and she was still able to wear it at 3 months. Wool is pretty forgiving.

  1. That’s an interesting BO. Looking forward to seeing FO pics once blocked too :) … I’ve also nominated your blog for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award! Click here for more info: wonderful-team-member-readership-award-nominees ❤

  2. I can’t quite tell but is that raspberry pattern on the cardigan? It is very pretty.

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