Zig Zag Blanket- Completed


The blanket has been finished for awhile now, but I finally got around to taking pictures of it.  After blocking, the blanket ended up around 40″ x 41.5″.  I couldn’t bear the thought of knitting another stitch, so I stopped right where I was and it turned out sorta square shaped.  I plan on machine washing and drying it when it gets sticky baby goo on it, so the dryer may alter the size a bit. 


Up close and personal.

If you knit this pattern, I recommend making sure your kfb stitches are nice and tight.  Some of mine ended up a little holey when I wasn’t paying attention.



Moss stitch edge

I did block the edge more “pointy”, but it relaxed back into more of a wavey edge.  The border is knit straight without any increases or decreases, so there wasn’t much I could do about that. 


I contemplated adding a fabric backing (in a complimentary girly fabric), but I’m leaving it as is for now.  What’s more likely, is an embroidered “E” in pink in the corner.  I’d like to add a little more “girl” to the blanket since it’s so gender neutral.  I have a feeling people will assume Ella is a boy since our infant car seat is blue.  Or I could just knit a bunch of pink hats…



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4 responses to “Zig Zag Blanket- Completed

  1. I love how it turned out! I kind of want to knit another houndstooth blanket for Eva, but I’ve been pretty good about smacking myself every time I get the urge. :)

  2. Looks so cuddly and irresistible! Some little one is gonna love this!

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